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Nursely - a game-changing app that is set to radically transform the care sector

The UK healthcare system, across the NHS and private care industry, faces a chronic staff shortage. Every day thousands of nurses, carers and doctors across the nation provide a vital service in sacrificing what should be their free time to satisfy last minute rota gaps. Saddeningly, this acute shortage is capitalised upon by greedy temporary staffing agencies who charge hefty commission fees to the NHS and the care home sector - but pay far too little to the hard working care staff. The situation has to change.

The founders of Nursely discussed these issues at length with nurses and doctors who were accustomed to providing emergency cover. They discovered that healthcare workers were frustrated when agencies contacted them with requests to work shifts at locations too far away, at hourly rates that were disproportionately low for the distance travelled and for the short notice - or alternatively to work shifts at a different skill level or for time slots when they were simply unavailable. However, that was not the only problem.

It became evident that carers and nurses (in both the NHS and private care sector) were awarded drastically varying levels of remuneration for exactly the same work - and that the opaque pricing structures favoured by traditional recruitment agencies were bleeding the healthcare sector dry. Fortunately these setbacks are all set to be tackled head-on thanks to Nursely, an online marketplace where independent nurses and carers can identify well-paid shifts around the country – bypassing the bloated, out-of-date, rip-off agencies.

Nursely is all about rethinking the way healthcare professionals find, book and get paid for extra work. The idea behind the app is that carers are empowered to identify shifts that fit their schedule more conveniently. It’s also easy for nursing homes and hospitals to post a shift requirement directly via the app. By connecting straight to the customer, independent nurses are equipped to regain control of their working life. All they have to do is log in to the app and browse for shifts that suit their capabilities, in terms of location and timing. Carers are paid directly by the client every week.

A particularly useful feature of the app is that it sends out push notifications as soon as a job is posted - so staff can choose the ideal shift to suit their personal circumstances in terms of distance, rate and time of shift. This new app allows carers to boost their earnings by up to 20% on average. Refreshingly, the app won’t take any commission on your pay (instead charging a small service fee to the NHS or care home). Nursely is also free at the point of use, so all carers are welcome to sign up and work a shift to see if it complements their lifestyle.

To identify and book shifts via the Nursely app you must have worked as a registered nurse (RGN or RMN) or a carer for at least 12 months. You must be authorised to work in the UK, and you must possess up-to-date documents. If you have all your documentation available, then you are free to start booking shifts immediately

What sets Nursely apart from the alternatives

Nursely has branch offices in every town in the South of England. Unlike similar providers (where everything is left to the software), we provide a hands-on approach. If the job is not accepted within an hour, then our area manager will ensure that the care homes are assigned staff. At Nursely, we see technology as a valuable tool. However, we believe an element of human supervision is important to add value. This is an expertly managed service, where trained personnel are on standby to make sure the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently.