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Nursely App - Empowering Nurses and Carers

Research by the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Committee has shown nearly half of nurses and carers working in care homes leave their jobs within a year. The major issue is the ‘acute financial threats’ faced by care professionals with more than half on zero hour contracts.

Previously the answer for healthcare professionals has been to work for one of the many employment agencies. However, with many charging care homes up to £1,000 per night for staff and not passing any proportion of this to nurses there needs to be a better way. Both for care homes struggling financially in a difficult economy and care professionals who want to be paid a fair wage for their work. Now, technology providing the solution with a new and revolutionary app which will allow healthcare professionals to accept work from care homes in their local area, simply, easily and for a better salary!

Nursely, is a new app which allows healthcare professionals to view and obtain work at care homes without having to go through an agency. It means not only is there reduced paperwork, administration and hassle, but also you can earn up to 30% more.

Nursely is a simple to use app where you can upload your profile, including your experience and skills and then view potential shifts available in your local area. To find work, you just click and view the shifts on offer and then click to accept. The Nursely system manages the whole process, from confirming your attendance to weekly payment.

As Nursely does not offer an employment service, you act as a self-employed professional which puts you in charge of how and when you work and for whom. You are responsible for paying your own tax and national insurance, however, as the system is fully app based it can provide detailed records to help you with this process. It can even link you up with an accountant who can help you complete your annual self-assessment. It is truly simple.

There is a massive shortage of trained and qualified staff in the healthcare industry with one in eleven posts unfilled and the uncertainty of Brexit is likely to lead to even greater issues for care homes. Therefore, there has never been a better time to be a free agent. You can easily select shifts which suit you and work as much as you need. There are already a number care homes on the system and more are being added daily so you will see that there is a range of potential work available.

Working with Nursely puts control of your career and professional skills in the palm of your hand.

Using Nursely is simple, first you need to register and create a profile via the app or the website using your email as your username. It is simple to upload the required documents including a DBS check so that potential employers can know a little about you and your experience and skills. Finally, we will need your bank details so that we can pay you salary for completed shifts.

Shifts are paid within seven working days, you will be notified via the app when you are due to receive a payment and when it has been processed. Shifts worked from Monday to Sunday are paid on the following Monday so you get paid every Monday.

Once you are registered you can search for available work. The app is set up to allow you to set a search radius from your home address, to change the search area all you need to do is slide a control to see a wider or smaller area. To accept a shift you just click on it. It is as simple as that, the Nursely system will pass your details to the care home and the shift will be displayed on your Upcoming Shifts’ tab.

As you are your own boss, you can decide your hourly rate for and choose which employers you work for. Working in this way can reduce the stress which can often be found working in this industry and allow you time to be with your friends and family.

If you are concerned about going it alone, just be reassured, as there is a shortage of professional, skilled healthcare staff, care homes are always looking for professionals to work for them, and the simplicity of the Nursely system means they can greatly reduce their staffing costs. If a care home books your services via the Nursely system you pay nothing. The only payment required is a small service fee payable by the care provider. They have none of the costs associated with agency staffing and so, even when they pay you up to 30% more than agency working they will still be saving money. Therefore, staff hired via the Nursely app are cost effective and simple to hire (as the app manages the whole process).

So, take the next step in your professional healthcare career, take control of your own working life and start to be paid what you deserve! All with Nursely.