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Press Release

A modern-day app to revolutionise the Care Industry, launching in January 2019

With an aging population the demand for old age care has never been greater, however staffing remains an issue within the industry. The National Audit Office identified major issues, with one in eleven nursing posts vacant. The number of professionals working in the industry has decreased by 8,000 over the past four years. In addition, the uncertainty of Brexit is having an effect with overseas nurses not knowing if what their employment future holds.

The answer has often been for care homes to turn to agency staff to fill the empty shifts, however this is not without a cost. Across the industry there were government plans to cut agency spend by 44%, however instead there has been an increase of 29% year on year. It means that agency staff can cost up to £1,000 per night with an average of £434, up from £434 in 2016.

It is clear this is not a situation which can remain tenable, therefore January sees the release of Nursely, a revolutionary new, app based system which will enable care homes to promote staffing requirements which are filled by vetted, self-employed care professionals without having the overheads associated with traditional agency staffing.

The Nursely app allows care homes to post available shifts which can be searched by registered users looking for work in their local area. Nurses on the system have DBS checks, indemnity insurance and have been vetted for experience therefore a care home can hire with confidence.

Cutting out agencies allows both the health professional and the care home to reap the benefits with up to 30% savings on staffing costs.

Jaison Thomas, Director said “we were aware that the agency system added considerable administrative overheads and additional staffing costs. We have spent over a year researching and developing a solution which brings delivers an effective solution for both care homes and professional carers.”

The Nursely system greatly reduces administration with all recording and finances being managed via the system, simplifying reporting and staff management. There are no costs associated with Nursely for healthcare staff and only a small service fee for care homes when they hire staff via the system. There are no regular subscriptions or fees for any party.

It is hoped that, on its launch in January it will allow the care industry to greatly reduce its staffing costs and enable professional carers and nurses to take better control of their career while earning up to 30% more.