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We are here to help nursing & care homes to improve efficiency and save money.

What is Nursely?

Nursely is a Digital Agency App which allows professional nurses, carers and HCA’s to review and book shifts offered by care providers in their local area. For care homes, it provides a direct link to 100’s of professional, pre-vetted staff on demand. The staff profile including DBS certificate, previous work experience, references and mandatory training details- all stored and accessible from the App helping them with CQC regulatory compliance should the need arise.

What does Nursely offer?

The most important thing Nursely offers is a direct marketplace where care homes and qualified staff can interact. Nursing homes post shifts for which they require cover and the shifts are immediately sent to staff registered with Nursely. We have an ever growing database of highly experienced care staff. It is a direct process with no additional administration or hassle. The Nursely app handles payments to staff and is made directly through the system reducing the administrative work required.

What are the benefits of using Nursely?

  • The greatest benefit is that care homes will save, on average, 10-20% on staffing costs by using the Nursely app.
  • The Nursely app allows you to find staff rapidly and easily, filling available shifts without difficulty, reducing staffing costs, administration time and management stress!
  • The app is designed in a way that will split the administration roles between the Care Home Manager, Shift Managers and Account Managers, offering an intuitive way of working. An example of this is the ability for shift managers to book staff directly from the app.
  • A satisfied workforce? One of the key feature of the Nursely app is that it pays higher wages to the staff compared to other agencies. This means the staff earn more, making them more motivated and rewarded. A more rewarded workforce means increased productivity which in turn produces satisfied clients for nursing and care homes.
  • A better system for compliance- The DBS, Reference details, mandatory training certificates & experience are all available at the click of a button- all compliance requirements are easy and transparent.
  • Nursely’s in-built review system showcases staff and makes for responsible workers as they are careful to impress shift supervisors to gain good reviews.
  • You don't want to use the App? No problem at all. You have a dedicated account manager available 24x7 to answer calls and book staff for you, similar to an agency set up.

In a nutshell - Nursely connects care homes to staff in a secure, super-speedy way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly or annual subscription charge?

No fixed costs or contracts for using the App, we only charge a small service fee for the staff you get through Nursely

Do you have staff in our area?

Yes, we have 100s of staff in your area and the listing is growing daily. Nursely is loved by staff and many are signing up on a daily basis.

Does the App provide a personalised service similar to what we get from agencies?

We have all the benefits of a modern day app combining it with the personalised approach of an agency. We have Area Managers in every town, available 24x7 so you can reach out to them if you need help. If a shift is not filled within 1 hr of posting, our Area Managers will find an available person for you.

Is the app friendly to use?

Yes, the app is simple and intuitive and comes with full online support. If you have any queries, just get in touch with our friendly support team.

Can you assure we will get full support and staff through your app?

Yes, we have worked hard to ensure the system is robust and that only the best staff are offered via Nursely. Prior to using the App, you can see the list of staff in your area and approve them. Only the pre-approved staff will get notification for your shifts as and when you post them.You will have the service of both our online support team and local area managers to ensure you always get the finest service.

How does the payment system work?

The app will send out invoice from the payment processing platform. The payment processing charges are borne by the carers and nurses so nursing homes don’t have to pay any extra charges.